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Top Travel Destinations in Europe - A Brief List

Europe is a beautiful place to visit. There are a number of locations of historical interests as well as scenic beauty, if you want a little change in the daily monotonous routine of life. Moreover, Europe is an ideal place for a long vacation as well. But Europe is so large and developed a continent with many attractions that the variety itself is enough to confuse those planning a visit. Here is a brief list to help you chose a suitable destination. London It is a historical city. The tourist will find such a large number of attractions that he will rather be bewildered. You may be attracted towards St. Paul's Cathedral. Many are spell bound by the beautiful sunset as viewed from the Waterloo Bridge. The Tower of London Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace - all are noteworthy. The visitors to London are fascinated by the medieval architecture. Rome Rome is known for its artistic and aesthetic achievements that are scattered all over and never fail to attract a tourist. As far as the aesthetic and artistic tastes of Romans are concerned, they even seem to be leading the entire Europe. Who can forget the masterpieces by Michelangelo and a number of other artists? Sistine Chapel is famous in the whole world and people visiting Rome never forget to visit it. There are a number of masterpieces produced by Romans in the field of music, theatre, history, architecture, and culture. Amsterdam Amsterdam is famous all over the world for the delicious food served in its restaurants. While passing through the streets, you will breathe in the tantalizing aromas of several kinds of foods prepared and served in its restaurants. The people of this city seem to be great food lovers. Moreover, you can watch a life rich with cultural activities when you mix up with the local people. You will also come across several reminiscences of Amsterdam's history. The outdoor markets, beautiful canals and wide flower spreads will not fail to attract you. Moreover, the capital of Germany is full of flourishing businesses as well as artists. The beautiful greenery in the Southwest Berlin, the historic center of Mitte is one of the major centers of attraction for tourists. Another one is Prenzlauer Berg located in the northeast. Vienna Vienna is often referred to as one of the most beautiful of all the capitals in Europe. Art, economics and even politics in Vienna are quite rich in traditions. This respect for traditions is rarely found in the modern world today. Florence This highly charming city of Europe is known for its small but luxurious accommodations, stylish eating houses, and a rich and impressive display of Tuscan hospitality. Venice The environment in this city oozes romance. You can spot a number of honeymooners over here. Moreover, it is easy to spot couples over bridges. There are several canals in Venice. The nooks, crannies and even the intriguing Venetian architecture provide a kind of a little heaven to the love birds. Barcelona It is almost a curious kind of a combination of Spanish art, fashion, life styles especially the food habits etc. A Few More European Attractions Paris Paris is famous all over the world chiefly for the large number of fashion designers and fashion shows. Almost 24 million people visit Paris every year. Apart from the fashion industry, there are a number of other attractions that attract the tourists. There are a number of museums as well as monuments famous all over the world. Some of these are as listed below. Eiffel Tower It is one of the most beautifully built monuments of Europe. It is almost a peerless landmark as far as European architecture is concerned. Eiffel Towel is always in the lime light whether it is the sight of Cruise and Holmes proposal or the highlight in almost innumerable Paris postcards. Arc de Triomphe Though it cannot be compared with Eiffel Tower, it does provide some of the best views of the city and is among the major attractions for the tourists. A large number of people touring Europe come here ever year to enjoy the magnificent views of the city. Louvre Museum It is one of the most famous museums not only of Europe, but the entire world. It is here than an art love will find Mona Lisa, the masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. Centre Pompidou Even the modern art lovers will not be disappointed. Centre Pompidou is a magnificent work of art in itself. It offers multiple activities such as films, concerts and a number of shows based upon various types of art. Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie It is an interactive museum that can satisfy your curiosities if you are more interested in Science rather than art.


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  4. I live within the Lake District National Park here in England and this is one of the best places for Lake District Walks and with some of the best lakes and mountain scenery England has to offer. Whilst also the home of the most famous English speaking poet 'William Wordsworth' who lived in the village of Grasmere.

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    Top Travel Destinations in USA

    The USA is one of the most popular vacation destination of the world. In this article I will discuss the various places in the United

    States which have seen a major increase in terms of tourists because the United States of America is the country which attracts all of

    Travel geeks are attracted to the exotic locations. Other people love the better standard of living in the US and Students attracted to

    the great educational facilities also enjoy the many attractions that are often close to their place of study.

    There are many places which are like paradise for travelers.

    The most sought after popular vacation cities are as follows:

    1- Hawaii - This place is known for its beaches and awesome natural beauty. Nature lovers could not find a place better than this. It is

    also famous as a honeymoon spot. You do not need to worry about a place to stay as there are numerous hotels which will make your

    stay a desirable one.

    2- Las Vegas - This is the fun loving city in the US. Las Vegas is famous for its night clubs and Ghostbar, Haze, Moon and Playboy,

    Surrender, Krave are to name a few among the best night clubs.
    Needless to say, Las Vegas is known for its adult fun, having strip clubs and topless shows as the major attractions.

    3- Georgia - Especially Atlanta Georgia is the perfect place for having family fun. You can explore Georgia's scenic beauty like

    waterfalls,mountains and canyons some are located north of Atlanta, others to the West. Expressways and good side roads make

    them easy to find. The most popular family attraction is in Six Flags Over Georgia which is the largest theme park in the South East.

    Other attractions include- Lake Lanier Islands, Callaway gardens, Blue Ridge Scenic Gateway and the Atlanta Museum.

    4- Texas- It has special attractions being the second largest state in the USA. The major attractions in the Texas include: Stonehenge

    Odessa, Riverwalk Burnet, XIT Museum, Old Stone Fort Museum, HOUSTON Raceway Park and Glass Cactus.

    5- New York - It is one of the loveliest states in the USA. New York city is known for its history and architecture. There are many

    famous museums in New York City like the Center of the Arts, Historical Aircraft Group, Stamford Art Center and AAron Davis Hall. If

    you love camping then head out of the city on US 87 Interstate. It will take you to the Glen Falls area where you can try out some

    camping by staying in the Half Mile Ranch Campin Resort where you can enjoy horseback riding and Island fishing. The Adirondack

    Mountains are also a very popular destination.

    6- Virginia - The most popular saying for this place is "Virginia is for Lovers". To start with, you can enjoy Virginia's Atlantic beaches at

    Assateague Island which are warm and gentle enough for all ages to enjoy fully. Other destinations to enjoy are the Blue Ridge

    Parkway and the Shenandoah National Park.

    Well, you have learned that USA is a country which can be called a travelers paradise because it has so much. I even left out two of

    its most well know attractions: Niagara Falls and The Grand Canyon, well maybe three because Disney has two locations, one in

    California and another in Florida.



  7. Excellent choice! But what about Eastern Europe, and some more 'exotic' destinations, off the beaten tracks?
    By the way, for those who love skiing and snowboarding, come and ski on our beautiful mountain, our ski instructors will be at your disposal!

  8. I visited Amsterdam and Slovakia, both are beautiful countries. However my favorite is Belgium I absolutely adored it!

    The diversity in culture there is truly astounding, three primary languages, Flemish, French and German - all co-existing in a country smaller than most USA states!

    - Hanna Iten from

  9. You must add Ireland to your list. I know I'm biased because I live here, but we have some beautiful places to visit - and I don't mean just Dublin. Get out of the city and there are some fabulous beaches, castles, scenery and not forgetting the friendliest people in the Universe!

    Look us up and you'll see what I mean.

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  11. Thanks for the comment on our Venice for Rookies city guide. Since Venice is on your top 10 list, I figured I had to confirm you are absolutely right!

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  13. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

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