Sunday, November 13, 2011

The World's Top Travel Destinations to Visit

There are so many places and destinations in the world that it sometimes becomes really difficult to choose which one is best and perfect. Everyone loves to visit new places so that they can enjoy the trip and have great fun. So if you are interested in going for a world tour then know about some of the most travel destinations of the world. So let us see the attracting features of the marvelous place. 1. Austin Austin is very famous for music and concerts. Every year many festivals are organized like the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Even art exhibitions are also carried out to depict the finest arts from all over the world. You can visit the Greenbelt Park and enjoy some excellent beauty of nature. The Austin Hotel provides the best accommodation facilities with spacious and comfortable rooms. 2. Hungary Hungary has many market halls and the best being the Great Market Hall. Here you can find everything from jewelry to handicrafts and other crafts item. Several cultural festivals are organized together with food festivals also. You can enjoy some of the delicious dishes which you cannot get after the festival is over. The staying facilities are good as you can get every type of hotels. 3. Mexico Mexico is the all time favorite destination but it still holds a special place. Come and visit Riviera Nayarit where you can get many spots to visit. Other visiting destinations are Mexico City, Oaxaca and Cancun Resort. The best time to visit Mexico is during the Easter Season as the atmosphere is cool and pleasant. The Mexican Resorts are connected to the airport so there is no difficulty in finding the best resort. 4. Berlin Berlin is the most visited destinations because of the innovative monuments and buildings. The lush green parks are just amazing to view as it brings us close to nature. The main events held in Berlin are the concerts and exhibitions for children. The ladies and women can enjoy lots of shopping here. The resorts are available at a higher rates during the peak seasons so it is better to plan the trip when there is less rush. 5. Cambodia Cambodia is well known for attracting thousands of visitors every year. The beautiful temples are just fascinating. There are many temples dedicated to Lord Buddha and some Hindu temples also. It will take two days to complete the trip at Cambodia. The Angkor Hotel is the best one providing world class facilities. It is a pleasant experience to stay here. So these are a few destinations to visit.


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